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Lowdown Ind.


Get your Lowdown Ind. T-shirts and memorabilia and be, by far, the coolest guy on your block. I've seen your block and I'll be honest, it's a bunch of losers, so my products are guaranteed to improve your social standing among them. You may even get laid because of one of these shirts. You want that don't you? Imagine, an opportunity to lose your virginity, or to disappoint yet another promiscuous woman with your tiny flaccid herpes laden penis. My shirts can do that for you.

I can put any Lowdown comic strip on a shirt. So, say you're a paraplegic and you want to sport my "In a wheelchair, that's how I roll." shirt, I can do that for you.

So be the coolest guy or girl in your pants and get a piece of un-pop culture memorabilia before it's ripped off by lesser men and turned into a franchise.

Lowdown Slogans

Words to live by. You really need this shirt. $25