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Lowdown Ind.

I'm supposed to write something about myself in this section, but to be honest I don't know myself that well. I've only been with me for thirty something years now and I wasn't paying much attention. I bore me.

But, here's what I've ascertained in my travels with me so far.

My name is River Running Free Hawkins. I did not make that up. My parents actually named me that. I'm not some goofy hippie named Daryl that prefers you call him Rain Water. I am a writer, artist of several mediums and I created a poorly drawn comic strip where the main character is a guy named Joe.

The character is based on myself.

I look just like this guy.

Joe's life is just a collection of my thoughts. He is my alter ego.

Well that's about it.

If you wish to contact me you can get ahold of me through my email at [email protected]

or you can join my contact list and I'll contact you.

I'll drunk text you if you give your phone number.

If you want to drunk text me my number is 434-242-9809

That's about all I got.

-river hawkins