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Lowdown Ind.

My name is Joe.I'm a comic strip character and sex addict. 

I've been suffering from this affliction for some time now and I really feel like just getting it out will help. So here it goes. I'm a closet comic stripper. Every day I expose myself to strangers, and I love it. These panels chronicle the exploits of my downward spiral to hell.

I was born not unlike Garfield the cat and the Peanuts gang, out of the maggoty remnants of brain matter that still fire in the head of some drunken compulsive masturbator. I forgot his name. It's not important.

My strip tends to skate the thin ice of appropriateness with images of sex, drugs, amputees, Jesus, small people, paraplegics, hermaphrodites, surreal nude portraits, and a number of other topics any right-thinking individual would feel awkward about discussing with their grandma.

Incidentally, if you find any of these offensive, my advice is to rally your friends and picket at whatever local they're hung. Curse my name and complain to the local news about this disgusting, and offensive garbage that has no right being displayed as art anywhere but at the dump where something like 'Lowdown' belongs. If I were you I'd torch this place. Those are just suggestions, if you don't like them you could politely go fuck yourself instead.

I'm just saying there are many options if you dislike the images you see and the things that are written.

I'm also offering them for sale so whip out your debit card and spend the last ten you got left on a piece of pop culture art that is sure to impress all your friends. That's right folks, just ten dollars for a framed print of Joe Schmo in all his hilarity. I believe the frame is made of some space age polymers too, so you're getting a hell of a deal!

I'm also trying to get this comic syndicated or at least published in some lowbrow porno mags, so if you work in the industry or for some rag and want to see Lowdown among the pages give me a call. I need to start making money on this crap and you can help.

If you want to send me fan mail or even better, hate mail, you can write to [email protected] or you could channel me with some kind of Shaman, but I'm not going to guarantee the reception will be perfect. I've had trouble with that before. Otherwise. . . leave me alone.

Hugs and Kisses,


President of Lowdown Ind.